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The Basics of Witchcraft - a collection of instructional material about the basics of the Craft of the Wise as well as covering the fundamental laws of Witchcraft, including such things as answers to frequently asked questions about Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism, the witches' Rede, the witches' pentacle, the Threefold Law, how to become a witch, how to do a spell and more   (Rating: 7.20 Votes: 4673)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (8)

Witchcraft and Wicca - a large collection of instructional essays about Wicca and witchcraft, including the history of Wicca, Wicca and the Bible, Wiccan beliefs, Wiccan practices and symbols, Wiccan spells and charms, pentagrams and pentacles, Wicca & witchcraft terms, witchcraft in africa and more   (Rating: 7.21 Votes: 4330)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (12)

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