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BHG Australia: 25 Decorating Tips - a brief guide with bite-sized tips on decorating your home, including tips on decorating with old photos, collections, signs, flowering bulbs, coloured glass, colour, floorboards, decorating with the unexpected, paintings, prints, jars, black and grey tones, bottles, miscellaneous objects, fabric, sideboard, everyday items, bowls, open shelves, glass bottles and more   (Rating: 7.06 Votes: 3917)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (3)

Creating Home Decor: Decorating Articles Index - instructional interior decorating articles from a variety of authors, including such articles as "10 Quick Home Decorating Tips", "Backyard Getaways", "Coastal Retreats", "Creative Slipcover Fabrics", "Decorative Ways To Hide Clutter", "French Country Decorating", "How To Get Those Weekend Projects DONE in One Weekend!", "How To Organize Your Bathroom", "Managing Your Small Space", "Planning Your Decorating Projects", "Safe Holiday Decorating", "Shabby Chic Style" and more   (Rating: 7.06 Votes: 3933)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (2)

Decorating Studio: Articles - a collection of illustrated guides on interior decorating and design, covering such topics as counter tops and back splashes, designing with rugs, graining techniques, lighting fundamentals, paint and stains, the decorative possibilities of glazing, graining and marbling, the psychology of color, the types of tiles and more   (Rating: 7.12 Votes: 3878)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10

Decorator Secrets - mainly text-based short instructional articles, guides and tips on home decorating, covering decorating fireplace mantles, making the most of small rooms, quick, immediate decorating tips, choosing color schemes and more   (Rating: 7.16 Votes: 4105)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (2)

Feng Shui Tips - brief, point-form tips on using Feng Shui princples to decorate your home   (Rating: 7.10 Votes: 3858)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (4)

Furniture World: Decorating 101 - a brief instructional essay on six key elements of interior design: space, line, form, texture, pattern, color, and practical ideas on how to practice with each element   (Rating: 7.13 Votes: 3874)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (1)

Happy Home Zone: What is Feng Shui? - short, illustrated guides to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, with instruction on the power of Chi, Bagua, Chakra, Feng Shui color, Feng Shui for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room, office Feng Shui, the water, wood, fire, earth and metal elements, Yin and Yang and more   (Rating: 7.25 Votes: 3621)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (6)

HGTV: Articles on Design - brief, general, text-based interior decorating tips from a variety of contributors, including tips on how to bring style and comfort to your home inexpensively, easy ways to give a room a new look, inexpensively changing the look of a carpeted room, making a room tranquil, making a small room feel bigger, making shelf space more dynamic, making your front door beautiful and more   (Rating: 7.16 Votes: 3874)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (2)

Home Decorating Reviews - illustrated instructional articles on a wide variety of home decorating topics, with instruction on African decorating, applying stucco, basics on sunrooms, caring for teak furniture, casual decorating styles, creating a focal point of style upon a staircase, decorating according to Feng Shui, window decorating, decorating with wicker, dish displays, enhancing design with curtains and drapes, exterior shutters, how to maintain wood furniture, how to paste wallpaper, Japanese style home decor, kitchen refacing ideas, patio furniture, replacing bath tiles, tropical chic style, urban balance wave, victorian decorating, finding affordable window blinds, using terra cotta tiles, kitchen islands and more   (Rating: 7.31 Votes: 2913)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (3)

Quick & Easy Decorating - Short, instructional guides on decorating family living areas, kitchen/dining areas, baths and bedrooms   (Rating: 7.15 Votes: 3924)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (2)

Rental Decorating Digest: Interior Design 101 - a collection of illustrated interior decorating guides, covering such topics as changing proportion with color, developing a floor plan, the elements of successful room design, finding your color scheme, how to clean, mood lighting, organizing for the renter, slipcovers, using neutrals, using textures and pattern, yellow and gold decorating and more   (Rating: 7.15 Votes: 3701)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (2)

The Edge Guide to Interior Design - text-based instructional interior design articles covering the basics of interior design, common design problems and solutions, how and why to think about style, common decorating styles, how to assess your room, how to plan a room layout and more   (Rating: 7.02 Votes: 3831)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Meditations on Design : Reinventing Your Home with Style and Simplicity - An elegant, thoroughly illustrated and much admired interior design book that will help you, among other things, use your own personal items to make your home a work of art.

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Other Useful Instructional Books on Interior Decorating and Design, by Category

General House Design/Decorating Guides
Real Life Decorating
New Decorating Book, The
Living in Style Without Losing Your Mind
Ideas for Great Home Decorating (Great Series)
30-Minute Decorator, The (The Home Magic Decorating Series)
Home Decorating For Dummies
Easy Style: 300 Decorating Shortcuts
New Decorating Book, The

Guides to Designing/Decorating Economically (and/or with Minimal Effort)
Beautiful Home on a Budget
Decorating Dreams on a Budget
Decorating for Good: A Step-By-Step Guide to Rearranging What You Already Own
Decorating on a Dime: Trade Secrets from a Style Maker
Leslie Linsley's High-Style, Low-Cost Decorating Ideas: For Every Room in the House
My Name Isn't Martha, but I Can Decorate My Home: The Real Person's Guide to Creating a Beautiful Home Easily and Affordably
Redecorate Your Home the Lazy Way
Use What You Have Decorating: Transform Your Home in One Hour With Ten Simple Design Principles -- Using the Space You Have, the Things You Like, the Budget You Choose

Room-Specific Guides:

Bathroom, The
Bathroom Idea Book, The
Bathrooms: Designs for Living
Design and Decorate Bathrooms
House Beautiful Bathrooms
Ideas for Great Bathrooms
Making the Most of Bathrooms
Portfolio of Bathroom Ideas, A

Bedrooms: 30 Instant Bedroom Transformations
Bedroom, The
Bedroom Decorating (Arts & Crafts for Home Decorating series)
Elegant and Easy Bedrooms: 100 Trade Secrets for Designing with Style
Ideas for Great Bedrooms

Dining Rooms
Dining Room, The

Foyers, Halls, and Stairs
Elegant and Easy Foyers, Halls, and Stairs: 100 Trade Secrets for Designing with Style

Complete Guide to Kitchen Design With Cooking in Mind, The
Design and Decorate Kitchens
Ideas for Great Kitchens (Southern Living)
Kitchen Idea Book, The
Kitchens: A Design Sourcebook
Kitchens That Work: The Practical Guide to Creating a Great Kitchen

Living Rooms
Elegant and Easy Living Rooms: 100 Trade Secrets for Designing With Style

Rooms - General
Elegant and Easy Rooms: 250 Trade Secrets for Decorating Your Home
Room Redux: The Home Decorating Workbook

Choosing a Color Scheme: How to Handle Samples and Use Color Successfully in Your Home
Color (Around the House)
Color Style: How to Identify the Colors That Are for Your Home
Essence of White
Home Color Book, The
Perfect Palette: Fifty Inspired Color Plans for Painting Every Room in Your Home
White on White: Creating Elegant Rooms With Classic Whites

Country-Style Home Decorating
Country Home Quick Country Decorating
Country Living Country Decorating
Country Living Decorating Style: The New Look of Country
Country Interiors (Room by Room Series)
Country Kitchens
In the Country Style: Timeless Decor for Today's Home
New Country Kitchens (Country Living)
Perfect Country Rooms

Regional and Ethnic Home Decorating Styles
Adirondack Style
Rustic Style
African Style: Down to the Details
African Accents: Fabrics and Crafts to Decorate Your Home
Alpine Interiors
Asian Style: Creative Ideas for Enhancing Your Space
Asian Elements: Natural Balance in Eastern Design
East Meets West : Global Design for Contemporary Interiors
Paris Apartment: Romantic Decor on a Flea Market Budget

Historical Home Decorating Styles
Antique Style: 35 Step-By-Step Period Decorating Ideas
Decorating With Antiques: Confidently Combining Old and New

Other Decorating Styles
Art Deco Interiors: Decoration and Design Classics of the 1920s and 1930s
Art Deco Style
Art Nouveau (Architecture and Design Library)
Minimalist Interiors
Zen Style: Balance and Simplicity for Your Home

Apartment Decorating
New Apartment Book, The
Studio Apartments: Big Ideas for Small Spaces
Making the Most of Small Spaces
Feng Shui for Apartment Living

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