Solar Power Educational Kit

A WannaLearn Innovative Educational Product Pick

Solar Power Educational Kit

Learn about the power source of the future hands-on!

Learn about solar energy and the many ways it can be harnessed to provide energy for a multitude of uses with this wonderful Solar Power Educational Kit. This excellent introduction to the hows and whys of solar power makes science enjoyable & exciting through the use of hands-on experiments!

The Solar Power Educational Kit comes complete with an instruction booklet explains how solar cells work and how to connect solar cells for the desired voltage and current. The kit itself contains more than 50 parts, including: 8 solar cells, 1 electric motot, 1 propeller, 2 wrenches, 1 motor stand, 1 solar cell holder, 12 connecting straps, 16 nuts, 16 lockwashers, and connecting wire with terminals.

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Solar Power Educational Kit

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