Drawing Kit

A WannaLearn Educational Product Pick

Drawing Kit

Stylish drawing sets with everything
you need in one convenient place!

  • different sizes and configurations for those learning to draw all the way up to advanced sketchers -- beginner drawing kit to professional drawing supplies!
  • everything to suit your needs in a convenient, reusable and stylish metal tin or wood box.
  • advanced, intermediate and beginner drawing sets for serious drawing student, intermediate artist or professional sketcher
  • art school approved student drawing kits with all the drawing supplies you need for your drawing class!
  • drawing kits contain various configurations of 2B, 2H, 4B, 4H, 6B, 6H, 8B, B, H, HB pencils, art pastels, black charcoal soft pencils, black pencils, blending stumps, carbon pencils, chalk pencils, charcoal pencils and charcoal sticks, compressed charcoal, disposable sanding pad, dry hard pastels, erasers, extra-soft black drawing pencils, half-length crayons, kneaded erasers, layout pencil, lead holder, paper blending sticks, pastel sticks and pastel pencils, pencil sharpeners, pencil-sized pure graphite sticks, putty erasers, sharpeners, sketching crayons and sketching pencils, sketch pads, studio colored pencils, stumps, tortillons, water-soluble graphite pencils, white vinyl erasers and more!
  • the perfect art gift for drawers, sketchers and artists of all abilities!


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