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Free Instructional Sites:

Art School On Line - illustrated guides on various drawing and painting topics, with instruction on drawing and painting living portraits, drawing ships, painting a landscape, perspective, color, color perspective, optical illusions, psychology of color, utilizing psychological effects in painting and more   (Rating: 6.26 Votes: 6663)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (29)

ArtGraphica: Drawing Lessons - a large collection of step-by-step illustrated lessons on how to draw, covering how to draw eyes, drawing faces, how to draw the face, pencil drawing tips, how to draw people, how to draw the female nude, learn to draw trees, how to draw with a pencil, drawing grass, drawing a rustic barn, drawing with color pencil, how to draw young children, how to draw a dog, botanical art, how to draw fur, sketching in simple steps, how to shade a sphere, how to draw rocks, drawing portraits from life, how to draw noses, how to draw feathers, winter landscape, fantasy drawing, blending with colored pencils, pine tree drawing and much more   (Rating: 6.98 Votes: 925)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10

Artyfactory - detailed, illustrated, step-by-step guides on Egyptian Art, African Tribal Art and Pencil Portraiture, with specific instruction on drawing Egytian heads, Hieroglyphics, African mask patterns, large pencil portraits, drawing eyes, noses, moths, ears, pencil shading techniques and more   (Rating: 7.01 Votes: 4504)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (7)

Celebrity Portraits - a step-by-step, illustrated guide to drawing life-like pencil portraits, using famous faces as examples   (Rating: 7.12 Votes: 4427)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (17)

Drawing Coach - step-by-step, illustrated and occasionally video-enhanced online drawing lessons, with instruction on drawing portraits, cartoons, perspective drawing, drawing creativity, where to get drawing ideas, ink drawing, one point perspective, sketching, shading, abstract drawing, pastel drawing basics, fashion drawing, drawing theory, technical drawing, face drawing, how to draw hair and more   (Rating: 7.07 Votes: 4067)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (5)

SouthWind Art: Drawing Tutorials - illustrated, step-by-step, how to draw tutorials, with instruction in basic drawing steps, creating tangible, touchable hair, drawing principles, drawing tools, the art of shading and more   (Rating: 6.97 Votes: 4348)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (11)

The Figure Drawing Lab - an illustrated tutorial on accepted conventions of figure drawing that have been used to model the figure since antiquity, with specific sections on proportion, shading and texture, and anatomical construction.
WARNING: this site contains some nude drawings in an artistic, non-sexual context, and as such some people may feel this site is inappropriate for some audiences. Please use your best judgement.   (Rating: 6.94 Votes: 5585)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (10)

Where do Folds Come From? A Drapery Study/Tutorial - an illustrated guide to drawing drapery folds with or without a reference   (Rating: 6.87 Votes: 4418)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (3)

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Instructional Books (Detail)

Most Recommended Instructional Books

The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - A revised and expanded edition of the classic and universally loved drawing-instruction book, containing the very latest developments in brain research, new material on using drawing techniques in the corporate world and in education, instruction on self-expression through drawing, an updated section on using color, detailed information on using the five basic skills of drawing for problem solving and much more

Keys to Drawing - a classic reference source, with instructions applicable to all arts and design tasks in seeing vs knowing, organizing a piece, composition, balance, unity, variety, movement, tension and much morecover

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Other Useful Instructional Books, by Category

General Self-Instructional Books for Adults
The Art of Drawing
Draw 50 People : The Step by Step Way to Draw Cavemen, Queens, Aztecs, Vikings, Clowns, Minutemen, and Many More
Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters
Drawing With Lee Ames : From the Bestselling, Award-Winning Creator of the Draw 50 Series, a Proven Step-By-Step Guide to the Fundamentals of Drawing
How to Draw What You See
The Natural Way to Draw : A Working Plan for Art Study
So You Thought You Couldn't Draw (So You Thought You Couldn't Draw Series , No 1)

General Self-Instructional Books for Children
I Can Draw Everything (I Can Draw Series)
Draw! (Art and Activity Books for Kids Series)
Kids Can Draw! : 13 Fun Projects Teaching Basic Drawing Techniques

Teaching Methods for Children
Art for the Fun of It : a Guide for Teaching Young Children
Experimenting With Art : 25 Easy-To-Teach Lessons in Design and Color/for Grades 3-6
Hooked on Drawing! : Illustrated Lessons & Exercises for Grades 4 and Up

Parent-Child Methods
Basic Drawing Techniques
Doing Art Together : Discovering the Joys of Appreciating and Creating Art As Taught at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Famous Parent-Child Workshop
Drawing for Older Children and Teens : A Creative Method That Works for Adult Beginners, Too
Drawing With Children : A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too

Anatomy Guides and References
Anatomy : A Complete Guide for Artists
Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters
Art Students' Anatomy
Atlas of Anatomy for Artists
Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist
Drawing Human Anatomy
Human Anatomy for Artists : The Elements of Form
The Human Figure : An Anatomy for Artists
The Human Figure: A Photographic Reference for Artists

Caricatures (Learn to Draw)
Complete Book of Caricature, The
Drawing and Cartooning 1,001 Caricatures
How to Draw Caricatures

Blitz the Big Book of Cartooning : The Ultimate Guide to Hours and Hours of Fun Creating Funny Faces, Wacky Creatures, and Lots More!
Cartooning for Kids
Cartoonist's Workbook, The
Creating Comic Characters
Draw 50 Famous Cartoons (Books for Young Readers)
Drawing Cartoons (First Steps Series)
Drawing on the Funny Side of the Brain : How to Come Up With Jokes for Cartoons and Comic Strips
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cartooning but Were Afraid to Draw
How to Be a Successful Cartoonist
How to Draw Cartoon Animals
How to Draw and Sell Cartoons : All the Professional Techniques of Strip Cartoon, Caricature and Artwork Demonstrated
How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips for Newspapers and Comic Books
How to Self-Publish Your Own Comic Book : The Complete Resource Guide to the Business, Production, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion of Comic book
How to Draw Cartoons for Comic Strips
Toons! : How to Draw Wild & Lively Characters for All Kinds of Cartoons
Your Career in the Comics

Color Pencil Technique
Colored Pencil for the Serious Beginner
Basic Colored Pencil Techniques
Colored Pencil, The
Complete Colored Pencil Book
Creating Textures in Colored Pencil
The Colored Pencil Artist's Pocket Palette
Exploring Colored Pencil
Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques
Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil
Colored Pencils for All : A Comprehensive Guide to Drawing in Colour

Drawing Animals
Animal Drawing Anatomy and Action for Artists
Animals in Motion
Animal Sketching (Dover Art Instruction and Reference Books)
Art of Animal Drawing : Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature
Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists
Horses and Other Animals in Motion
How to Draw Animals (Famous Artists School : Step-By-Step Method)
Draw 50 Cats
Draw 50 Dogs
Draw 50 Animals
Draw 50 Birds
Draw 50 Endangered Animals/the Step-By-Step Way to Draw Humpback Whales, Giant Pandas, Gorillas, and More Friends We May Lose...
Draw 50 Horses
How to Draw Horses
How to Draw Cats
I Can Draw Animals (I Can Draw Series)

Drawing Faces and Heads
The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression
Draw 50 Famous Faces
Drawing and Cartooning 1,001 Faces
Drawing the Human Head
How to Draw the Human Head: Techniques and Anatomy
I Can Draw Faces (I Can Draw)

Drawing Hands
Drawing Dynamic Hands
Draw Real Hands! (Discover Drawing Series)

Figure Drawing Technique
Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing : A Contemporary Perspective on the Classical Tradition
Basic Figure Drawing Techniques (North Light Basic Painting)
Big Book of Drawing and Painting the Figure
Drawing the Female Nude
Drawing the Living Figure
Dynamic Anatomy
Dynamic Figure Drawing
The Figure : An Approach to Drawing and Construction
Figure Drawing Without a Model
How to Draw the Human Figure (Famous Artists School : Step-By-Step Method)
Human Figure in Motion, The
The Male and Female Figure in Motion : 60 Classic Sequences
Master Class in Figure Drawing
Nude Figure : A Visual Reference for the Artist
Realistic Figure Drawing
Step-By-Step Guide to Drawing the Figure

Creative Colored Pencil Landscapes
We Imagine, We Draw Landscapes (We Imagine, We Draw Series)

Perspective Drawing
Basic Perspective Drawing: A Visual Approach, 3rd Edition
Basic Perspectives for Artists : A Guide to the Creative Use of Perspective in Drawing, Painting, and Design
Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators
Draw 3-D : A Step by Step Guide to Perspective Drawing
Drawing in Perspective
Learn to Draw Now (Learn to Draw)
Perspective Drawing
Perspective Drawing Handbook
Perspective! for Comic Book Artists : How to Achieve a Professional Look in Your Artwork
Perspective Made Easy
Perspective Without Pain/3 Volumes in 1

Portrait Drawing
Colored Pencil Portraits Step by Step
How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs
How to Draw Portraits in Colored Pencil from Photographs

The Business of Drawing
How to Survive and Prosper As an Artist: Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul
Art and Reality: The Standard Reference Guide and Business Plan for Actively Devloping Your Career As an Artist
Career Opportunities in Art (Career Opportunities in Art, 3rd Ed)
Careers in Art and Graphic Design

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Instructional Videos (Detail)

Most Recommended Instructional Videos:

Drawing: Learning Professional Techniques - An instructional video on foundational drawing skills, with specific instruction in contour drawing, gesture drawing, one and two-point perspective, accent line, using basic shapes and crosshatching and shading to create form, drawing landscapes and more.

Other Useful Instructional Videos:

Art Made Easy: Let's Learn How To Draw
Art Made Easy: Let's Draw People's Bodies
Art Made Easy: Let's Draw People's Faces
Art Made Easy: Let's Learn How to Draw
Draw Your Own Blitz Comic Strip
Drawing - Aerial Perspective
Drawing - Linear Perspective
Drawing - Portraiture
Drawing - Shading
Drawing an Image
Drawing Landscapes with Pencil and Ink
Drawing and Sketching With Markers
How to Draw Blitz Cartoons
How to Draw Cartoon Animals
How To Draw Monsters
Introduction to Power Drawing
Learn Basic Blitz Drawing
Portrait Drawing in Charcoal

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