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  • Lego Mindstorms - Construct real moving robots, and control them with your PC! Lego Mindstorms is used and enjoyed by everyone from children to grad students at MIT!
  • Online Library - Search, read and take electronic notes on over 70,000 complete books and journals online, with a subscription to the Questia online library!
  • Apple iPod - We feel iPod represents not only a technical revolution in music, but an educational one as well.
  • Solar Power Educational Kit - Learn about the power source of the future through hands-on experiments, with this Solar Power Educational Kit !
  • Robotic Arm - Learn about basic robotic sensing and locomotion principles with this fully functional robotic arm !
  • Magnetic Construction Set - Learn and explore geometry with the Geomag 86-Piece Magnetic Construction Set. Combine magnetic rods and spheres to create buildings, structures, mathematical shapes, physics and chemistry models and more!
  • DNA Explorer Kit - Extract, view and map real DNA yourself, with this deluxe, first-of-its-kind kit. Ideal for budding scientists!
  • Levitron - A remarkable spinning top, that floats in mid-air! Praised by the American Association of Physics Teachers.
  • Robot Kit - Build your own robot from a wide variety of affordable robot kits!

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