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Best Educational Stuff for Kids . . .
  • LeapPad - The educational toy that makes learning to read an exciting, interactive adventure!
  • Ant Farm - Give your child insight into the fascinating and complex world of ants with this Ant Farm by Uncle Milton!
  • Smithsonian Chemistry Set - The funnest & safest chemistry set made, the Smithsonian Chemistry Set features over 1500 exciting experiments and procedures using latest technology! The "Rolls-Royce" of chemistry sets!
  • Math Mat - Interactive talking floor mat with fast and crazy quiz games make learning math fun. Kids jump around while learning to count, add & subtract !
  • iQuest Electronic Tutor - The fun and affordable handheld electronic tutor for students, iQuest covers over 170,000 questions based on more than 260 real textbooks !
  • Crystal Growing Kit - Learn all about crystals hands-on with the crystal growing kit from Smithsonian and NSI !
  • Spanish Course for Kids - A fun and innovative home-study course for kids designed to introduce and foster a love for the Spanish language. Fully accredited.
  • Twist and Shout Multiplication - This math toy is a fun way to master multiplication and other math skills!

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