Static Ball

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Static Ball

The Static Ball You've Seen in Science Museums !

Create your own lightning and make your hand stand on end with this static electricity ball, a.k.a. the Van DeGraff Generator !

Add a little spark and zip to your life! Create your own lightning and have fun demonstrating all the effects of high voltage. The static ball (Van DeGraff generator) looks dangerous, but is perfectly safe and is an ideal educational kit designed for the person with an interest in science and high voltage. Perform the classic 'hair raising' demonstration where your hair will literally stand out on end! Turn out the lights and amaze everyone by safely drawing up to one foot sparks right to your hand! This easy to assemble kit is capable of producing up to 250,000 volts safely and quickly.

  • Produces up to 200,000 Volts!
  • Perform many facinating experiments
  • You've seen these at the Science Museum and in Monster Movies!
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Charge up your life with the Van DeGraff Static Ball !

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