Lego Mindstorms

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Lego Mindstorms

Construct real moving robots, and control them with your PC!

Lego Mindstorms is used and enjoyed by everyone from children to grad students at MIT!

With LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ you can design and program real robots that do what you want them to. Create everything from a light-sensitive intruder alarm to a robotic rover that can follow a trail, move around obstacles, and even duck into dark corners!

The revolutionary LEGO RCX, a programmable microcomputer, acts as the brain of your robotic inventions. Using your PC and the RCX, you can control the behavior of an infinite number of robotic inventions!

The Lego Mindstorms set includes:
  • RCX microcomputer
  • CD-ROM software
  • 717 LEGO pieces, including two motors, two touch sensors, and one light sensor
  • a Constuctopedia
  • 12 guided challenges
  • infrared transmitter.

PC, monitor, one 9-volt battery, and six AA batteries not included.
Lego Mindstorms
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Lego Mindstorms

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