Smithsonian Chemistry Set

A WannaLearn Educational Product Pick for Kids

The Funnest & Safest Chemistry Set Made!

NSI Smithsonian Chemlab 5000 -- Designed for Ages 10 and Up !

  • Over 1500 exciting experiments and procedures!
  • Revolutionary concept uses latest technology.
  • No glassware, alcohol burners or flames.
  • Only micro amounts of chemicals are needed to perform experiments.
  • Environmentally the safest chemistry set.
  • Experiments done in microplate.
  • Chemicals transferred through special droppers.
  • Chemical strengths are a fraction of regular chemistry sets.
  • Experiments developed by top chemists.
  • Molded plastic carrying case which opens into a laboratory workstation is included.
  • Includes detailed educational instruction manual.

** Requires adult supervision.

Smithsonian Chemistry Set
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The Smithsonian Chemistry Set -- for the budding scientist in your family!

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