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WannaLearn has been designed to provide a wide range of users with an effective and efficient means of accessing the best learning opportunities available on the Web, in books, DVDs and other instructional media. Before incorporated into the WannaLearn database individual free instructional sites must meet the following criteria at high levels of achievement:

  • sites must be instructional in nature, and not merely dispense information. To us, instructional sites are those that present material in a logical and sequential manner, and/or make an effort to "teach"
  • page must be exclusively or predominantly comprised of free instruction
  • instruction must be instantly accessible via the Web, i.e. subscription sites, email courses or the like are not permitted
  • instruction must be substantive, unique, and/or of exceptional quality
  • instruction must contain predominantly or exclusively original content (i.e. not directories of external sites)
  • pages with excessive or aggressive advertising are not permitted
  • only a small number of individual instructional pages from any one site are permitted (usually just one)
  • sites promoting themes of hate, adult topics, those that use vulgar language or anything deemed by us to be offensive are not permitted

Our philosophy is simple: there is more to learning than just finding information. For meaningful learning to take place that information must be structured and sequenced in such a way that a learner can move systematically from basic ideas and skills to more sophisticated ones. The strategies that work best in this process vary with the particular areas of interest concerned.

More information about us can be found in our Privacy Policy. WannaLearn welcomes feedback and suggestions from our visitors.

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